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Haitong MPF Conservative Fund
Fund Information
Inception Date: 1 February 2001
Fund Descriptor: Money Market Fund – Hong Kong
Investment Structure: Directly invest in permissible investments
Investment Objective:To preserve capital
Investment Policy: The Haitong MPF Conservative Fund seeks to provide investors with a high degree of security by investing in investments permitted for capital preservation funds under the MPF Ordinance (primarily, HK dollar deposits and debt securities).
Please read our Offering Documents for details.
Risk Class #: Information about the latest risk class of each constituent fund under Haitong MPF Retirement Fund (the “Scheme”) is available in the fund fact sheet of the Scheme.

* Fees and charges of a MPF conservative fund can be deducted from either (i) the asset of the fund or (ii) Members’ accounts by way of unit deduction. Haitong MPF Conservative Fund uses method (i) and, therefore, any unit prices/net asset value/fund performance quoted for the fund have incorporated the impact of fees and charges.

# The risk class is prescribed by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority according to the Code on Disclosure for MPF Investment Funds; and (ii) the risk class has not been reviewed or endorsed by the Securities and Futures Commission.
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