Asset Management Haitong RMB Investment Fund Series
Haitong RMB Investment Fund Series

Haitong International Asset Management(HK) Limited believes in value investing. Its investment management team has rich investment and research experience in financial markets, particularly in the mainland China and Hong Kong securities market.

Fund NAV per unit Date  
Haitong Global RMB Fixed Income Fund
Class A (RMB)

CNY 89.85

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Class I (USD)

USD 18.60

Class A (HKD)

HKD 92.69

Haitong China RMB Income Fund
Class A

CNY 95.67

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Class I

CNY 112.60

Dividend of the certain funds may be paid out of capital, subject to the Manager’s discretion. Payment of dividends from capital may result in a decrease in the net asset value. A positive distribution does not imply a positive return.

Investor should note that investment involves risks (including the possibility of loss of capital invested), the fund’s NAV per unit may rise as well as fall and past performance is not indicative of future results. Investors should carefully consider their own investment objectives, risk tolerance level and other circumstances and seek independent financial and professional advice as appropriate before making any investments. Please read the offering documents of the fund carefully for further details (including the full text of the risk factors, fees & charges and product features). Investment returns not denominated in HKD/USD are exposed to exchange rate fluctuations. This web page is published by Haitong International Asset Management (HK) Limited and has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong.
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