Cash Equities Introduction


Welcome to the expanded institutional research webpage of Haitong International (665.HK). Haitong International is one of the most active players in Hong Kong’s equity capital markets, bringing together investors from its global networks with some of China’s fastest growing companies.

Haitong International covers approximately 150 H share companies. Following the acquisition of Ji ASIA (Japaninvest Group plc) in April 2015, this coverage has expanded to include over 100 Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese companies. The 30-strong Haitong International analyst team is based in Hong Kong and Tokyo. The Small Cap Network (SC NET) provides unprecedented access to fast growing businesses across Asia through one of the most extensive company visit programmes of any major broker. In 2014 we published 625 small cap visits in India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China, unearthing uncovered gems as well as gaining valuable supply chain insights into our large cap coverage.

Our parent, Haitong Securities, is China’s second largest securities firm and its 100+ Shanghai-based analyst team covers over 700 A share companies. It enjoys unprecedented connections and reach, both through its myriad corporate relationships and its four million strong retail customer base in Mainland China, which remains the world’s fastest growing major economy.

Haitong International can service your needs via offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, London, New York and San Francisco.

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