Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group embraces the idea to contribute to the society, and therefore it endeavors to undertake corporate social responsibilities in various aspects. The Group is dedicated to enhancing its corporate social responsibility system and ensuring corporate sustainability by devoting in four major aspects, namely its customers, employees, shareholders and investors as well as the community.

As a token of appreciation for its commitment to caring for the well-being of the community, the Group has been recognized as a “Caring Company” by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service since 2004 for over 10 years straight. Since 2015, the “Haitong International Charitable Foundation” has also received the “Caring Organization” logo.

Haitong International Charitable Foundation

The Haitong International Charitable Foundation was formally established in 2014. Haitong International has a long-term commitment to the role of a good

HTI Windsurfing

Haitong International has always been committed to promoting corporate social responsibility, contributing to the community through the sponsorship

Haitong International Caring Ambassadors

As one of Hong Kong’s leading financial institutions, Haitong International actively takes part in various community services and makes contributions to the

“Care for the Elderly, Care for the Brain” Project

Haitong International Charitable Foundation Limited has been striving to identify humanitarian organizations and enterprises who share similar values