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HK Stocks Trading
  • Services
  • Trading Particulars
  • Margin Financing
The following services are available for our clients:

  • Order Placement via Various Channels
  • Stock News, Research Reports and Tool such as Web TV)
  • Quote services
  • Intelligent stock monitor
  • Price Alert Service
  • Trade Confirmation Service
Also, you can access online for your statements, transactions and investment portfolio.

Stock Trading Particulars

Order Placing Method
  1. By phone to Account Executive
  2. Web Securities Trading
  3. Power Securities
  4. TDX Lighting Version
  5. Haitong International ET Net Real-time quotes and trading application
Trade Confirmation

When orders are filled, we will confirm with clients immediately. For clients who placed orders online, they can click on "Order status" for checking most updated status. Clients who placed orders through our AE will get confirmation from their respective AE. We high encourage clients to check the order status proactively either using our online systems or enquiring through AE.

Stock Settlement Date

Settlement day for HK stock will be the second business day after transaction day (T+2).

Buy Order Settlement
  • Clients should settle the whole amount by depositing the transaction amount, trading fees, levies or related settlement charges, and brokers' commission to their securities account. The whole amount will be debited from their securities account where the purchased shares will be deposited to client's account on settlement day.
  • Clients who place orders through online systems should make sure they have sufficient fund in the account. Otherwise, orders will be rejected by the systems. In case orders are executed, funds will be frozen until settlement 2 days later.
  • For cash accounts, if there is insufficient fund in the account causing negative balance, an interest will be charged. As for margin accounts, interest will be calculated according to the margin ratio of individual stock positions.
  • The Compulsory Currency Transfer and Conversion Arrangement applies to all cash and margin securities accounts. If there is a debit balance denominated in one currency in the account and a credit balance denominated in the same currency co-exists in the same account, the Compulsory Currency Transfer Arrangement will be triggered. For details, please refer to Debit Balance in Securities Account- Compulsory Currency Conversion Arrangement.
Sell Order Settlement
  • Proceeds from the sale of stocks will be shown as tradable funds immediately, and cash will be credited to client account on settlement day. As for the stocks, it will be frozen on the day of sale until settlement day, when it will be deducted from the related account.
  • Proceeds from the sale of stock can be used to buy other stocks immediately.
  • If you would like to withdraw proceeds from the account, please do so after settlement day by informing your AE or sending the instruction through any online channels.
  • You can sell the bought stock in the same day. Differences resulted from the two actions will be settled on T+2.
Transaction records and account activities

As part of your transaction records and account activity summary, we will be sending you daily and monthly statements to your registered mailing address or email address if you have chosen to receive eStatments. If you would like to receive eStatments instead of physical statements, please change your preference by logging onto eServices.

Daily statements: It will be sent on the next day of respective transaction, recording all buy/sell, fund in/out, and other activities related to the account.
Monthly statements: It records all transactions and activity history of the account in the respective calendar month. Normally, it will be sent to client the first week of the next month.

Margin Securities Account

A Margin Account is an account with which you can trade through margin financing. Investors are required to deposit a certain amount of funds into their margin account beforehand, after which they can purchase stocks worth more than the principal fund available in their account. Haitong International Securities will finance the trading amount difference. However, the securities will be held in custody with Haitong International as collateral. As the price of securities may fluctuate, Haitong International Securities reserves the right to request clients to deposit additional funds or securities if the client 's margin position fell below the maintenance level.

Calculation of Discount Value for Specific Stock:
Number of shares on hand x Closing price of previous trade day x Lending ratio
= Discount value of stock

The margin account interest rate for Blue Chips and constituent stocks in Hang Seng Mainland Composite Index is as low as Prime Rate. Margin Ratio can be as high as 70% of its market value.

Authorization Letter for Margin Securities Accounts

(Under section 81, 81A of the Securities Ordinance, margin securities account clients shall sign an Authorization Letter to authorize Haitong International Securities Company Limited to use the securities purchased or deposited by clients as collateral. This authorization letter is valid for a period of 12 months, subject to renewal for further provision of margin facility to client.)

Associated Risk of Margin Securities Account

With the leverage effect of margin account, you could result in a higher return rate together with a high associated risk on buying and selling securities. Margin securities accounts are therefore applicable to investors with risk tolerance and extensive investment experience.

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