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Personal Investment Securities Trading Tools Trade Confirmation Service
Trade Confirmation Service
With trade confirmation service, you can have latest details about your account condition by receiving notification after each executed trade

There are two types of trade confirmation service:

1. SMS (Chargeable) ---- receive notification by SMS

Login eService and choose “Trade Confirmation Service”. Select the message unit and input the recipient mobile phone number. SMS unit is valid for 6 months.

2. Email (Free) ---- receive notification by email

Login eService and choose “Trade Confirmation Service”. Input your recipient email address in “Change Setting”

Please contact customer services at (852) 3583 3388。

  • Trade Confirmation Service is only applicable for order placed through online trading systems.
  • Alert will be sent after the order fully completed or partially completed. Alert for fully completed order will be sent immediately. Alert for partially completed order will be sent after the outstanding quantities are filled/ cancelled or the outstanding order is cancelled until the market close of the trading day.
  • Ordinary trade confirmation and on-screen order status inquiry will not be affected when using trade confirmation service.
  • The updated setting will be effective on next trading day.
  • Alert may not be delivered on time due to external factor. The execution status of order should be relied on the trading systems.
  • Each SMS alert will consume one SMS unit. When the unit is used up, SMS alert will no longer be sent without any notice.

*For more detail, please see Fees and Charges

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Customer Service
Monday to Friday
9:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
    HK: (852) 3583-3388
    CN: (86) 755 8266 3232
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