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The following services are available for our clients:

  • Order Placement via Various Channels

  • Stock News, Research Reports and Tools such as Web TV

  • Quote services

  • Intelligent stock monitor

  • Price Alert Services

  • Trade Confirmation Services

Also, you can access your statements, transactions and investment portfolio all online.

Margin Securities Account

A Margin Account is an account with which you can trade through margin financing. Investors are required to deposit a certain amount of funds into their margin account beforehand, after which they can purchase stocks worth more than the principal fund available in their account. Haitong International Securities will finance the trading amount difference. However, the securities will be held in custody with Haitong International as collateral. As the price of securities may fluctuate, Haitong International Securities reserves the right to request clients to deposit additional funds or securities if the client 's margin position fell below the maintenance level.

Calculation of Discount Value for Specific Stock:

Number of shares on hand x Closing price of previous trade day x Lending ratio = Discount value of stock

Authorisation Letter for Margin Securities Accounts

Margin securities account clients shall sign an Authorization Letter to authorize Haitong International Securities Company Limited to use the securities purchased or deposited by clients as collateral. This authorization letter is valid for a period of 12 months, subject to renewal for further provision of margin facility to client.

Associated Risk of Margin Securities Account

With the leverage effect of margin account, you could result in a higher return rate together with a high associated risk on buying and selling securities. Margin securities accounts are therefore applicable to investors with risk tolerance and extensive investment experience.

Single Stock Limit/Margin Limit

To enhance the risk control and safeguard the interest of client, we have set single stock limit/margin limit on account level for securities margin lending against a single stock/well diversified portfolio (Applicable to all stock markets). Any margin loan to a client with a single stock concentration up to a certain percentage of the portfolio will be treated as a single stock portfolio. In case of breaching single stock limit/margin limit, we will send a letter to inform you, you are kindly requested to make good the excess single stock limit amount/excess margin limit amount immediately. Failure in settling the excess amount may initiate forced liquidation of part of or all of the positions in the account(s) without further notice. You are reminded that you will still be liable to any debit balance remaining in the account(s) after the liquidation.

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