Investment Segment

The Investment team of Haitong International ('the Group'), through its active investments in major global capital markets and objective to an absolute return based on a good risk-reward manner, aims to establish a strong market presence of the Group's proprietary business, which is strategically in line with one of the group's core goals of developing excellence in buy-side businesses.


Private Equity Fund


The Private Equity Fund Segment cooperates with top PE funds and boutique PE funds both at home and abroad and focuses on worldwide high-tech and bio-pharmaceutical segments. It seeks to achieve reasonable investment returns, increase the scale of quality assets and manage investment risks through establishing a high-quality off-shore private equity fund investment platform. The segment enhances and intensifies the synergies among various business segments of the Group.


Private Equity Investment


The Private Equity Investment Segment invests in growth-stage firms, through leveraging and enhancing the synergies among various business segments of the Group. The Segment focuses on exploring investment opportunities with reasonable returns, thereby strengthening business relationships with high-net-worth clients and moreover promoting the overall development of the entire Group.

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